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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of companies benefit from Interstate Tenant's services?

Manufacturers and distributors that lease facilities benefit from our cost-reduction strategies and lease negotiation services. Companies with a significant investment in material handling equipment or machinery benefit most from our services.

What is a "Tenant Advisor" and how is Interstate Tenant different than the broker I've used in the past?

A true Tenant Advisor never represents landlords. This type of tenant advisor never has any direct or indirect conflicts of interest when representing a tenant during lease negotiation. A good litmus test is this: ask a broker if (s)he ever represents landlords. If the answer is yes, (s)he is NOT a true Tenant Advisor, no matter the explanation.

How will Interstate Tenant deliver better results than my current broker?

We never settle for market deals; instead, we provide strategies that extract the value that you bring to the building, regardless of the market conditions. We regularly compare our lease negotiations results to comparable leases represented by other brokerages. We consistently outperform our competition.

My current broker provides market data and information to ensure that he has negotiated a good deal, what would Interstate Tenant do differently?

Although market data has value, like any industry or business, the numbers never tell the whole story. Large data sets are responsible for most market-specific information (i.e. vacancy reports, market reports, etc). That data is easily manipulated to tell the story you want it to tell. We use market data only as a leaping-off point never as an end-game.

Is Interstate Tenant a "one stop shop" that can handle all of my real estate needs?

Yes, we can do it all. Tax incentives, location studies, and lease administration are just a few of the services we offer. If you require a service outside of our general offerings, we will create a customized package to fulfill your needs. We have established trusted partnerships across every real estate service line. No matter the project, our team has got you covered.

I have always handled lease negotiations on my own, why do I need Interstate Tenant?

“Why should I pay you to do something I can do myself?” is a question we often hear. The short answer is: we save you more money.

Landlords prefer direct negotiation. They may say that without a broker they avoid commissions and can pass those savings onto you. In reality, they are not passing any savings on to you, but rather collecting more rent and earning more money. Information about the real estate market is all over the Internet, but this content can create a false sense of confidence.  You may be the world’s greatest negotiator, but in a lease negotiation you are up against professionals who do this every single day. You need that level of expertise on your side of the table.

My lease(s) already includes rights to renew or extend, why would I need Interstate Tenant?

The right to renew your lease is helpful because it gives you control of the space beyond your current lease term. However, exercising the option can actually limit your saving potential and increase your landlord’s profits. Almost every lease that we renegotiate has an option to extend the lease period. However, our clients rarely exercise that option. Instead, we help them force the landlord to compete with all of their other market alternatives rather than settling on pre-negotiated terms. By doing this, our clients consistently save money.  We recommend viewing your renewal option terms as your worst case scenario.

How is Interstate Tenant compensated?

We work for a market brokerage commission. However, we are always willing to align our compensation with your goals and objectives.

Will Interstate Tenant guarantee its results?

We absolutely guarantee our results. Our job is complete when we have helped you achieve a successful negotiation.