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Rick Scanlan

Vice President of Finance

Dopaco, Inc.

“Our business is in a very competitive industry, so I will consider any opportunity to reduce costs and improve margins. I have been involved in numerous lease negotiations over the years, and I know how tough landlords can be; therefore I was initially skeptical that Interstate Tenant could deliver the savings they described.

I have met many real estate professionals over the years, but Interstate Tenant are much different in that they truly represent you, the tenant, because their next engagement will come from making you happy and not from making the landlord happy. This purity of purpose is no gimmick-¬†these guys deliver the savings.”

Jerry Kegley

Sr Vice President & CFO

PrimeSource Building Products

“Not only are the professionals at Interstate Tenant always available and responsive, but Interstate Tenant has helped me become much more proactive regarding real estate decisions, which I know has ultimately resulted in substantial cost savings for our company and eliminated many of my real headaches.”

Ed Curtis

Vice President, Converting Operations

Rock Tenn Company

“We are in a highly competitive business in which every penny counts. Our real estate costs are always one of our biggest fixed cost items? our business requires significant capital investment in our buildings, so moving is both expensive and disruptive.

Interstate Tenant was able to build a strong case with our landlord regarding the value we bring to the building as a tenant. In addition, because Interstate Tenant does not represent landlords and only represents industrial tenants, I had the peace of mind and that Interstate Tenant was working solely on behalf of my best interests.

Interstate Tenant helped us significantly reduce our fixed real estate costs, which, in turn, reduced our operating costs and provided a big boost to EBITDA. I would happily use Interstate Tenant again in light of the great job they performed for us.”

Eric Dorn

General Manager

Belmont Technology Remarketing

“Every company has a handful of advisors that they can trust. Interstate Tenant has become our trusted advisor for all of our facility issues and their results have been instrumental in the growth of our company. What I really appreciate is that they never behave like other brokers I’ve worked with.

They never told me what I wanted to hear just to get a deal done. And they have never been afraid to stand up for us and do whatever it takes to make sure we get the lowest possible rent and that our lease provides the flexibility that we need to grow our business.

Anyone who has been involved in leasing industrial space knows that there?s a huge amount of uncertainty and hesitation because you never know what information you can trust and who, if anyone, is really looking out for you. Thanks to Interstate Tenant, we don?t have those concerns any more.”